15 Most Underrated Hard Rock Albums Of All Time

Hard Rock's Unsung Hymns.


Ever since rock first started, there have always been mainstays of the genre. Whether they be from heavyhitters of the genre or the debuts of the nice regime, these records have become modern classics and are rightly celebrated for it. At the same time, it's also possible that some artists have even more classics you may not have heard.

These are the albums that have fallen under the radar of the casual hard rock fan but still have their fair share of essential tracks. The tunes that these bands were pumping out during this time were on par with the material they created when they were at their peak.

So why are they not revered like their other work? Well...that's where it gets a bit complicated. These records could have been a bold new reinvention, but the end results may have underperformed, the promotion may have been spotty, or the album may have just been misunderstood by the fanbase at the time. With all the benefits of hindsight at our advantage, let's take a look at a few of the greatest records that never had the chance to become classics.

They may feel like cult favorites, but these albums manage to hit harder than most other bands could do at their best.


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