15 Problems Only Muse Fans Will Understand

Good news: another new album on the way.

Worshiping at the church of Muse is a pretty rewarding hobby. You've had six studio albums of wonderfulness to enjoy - plus the just announced Drones - a never ending world tour that seems to up-the-stakes (and the pyro) every time it comes around, and over 15 years now of a band innovating, inspiring, and just generally filling a hole in your life that no other noise can. There's people who don't quite see the appeal of course, but what else can you do but pity those poor, deluded, tone-deaf, half-alive troglodytes. Being a Muse fan isn't easy though. They've been such a huge part of your life for so long, but as the years rolled by you've had to start sharing them with the world. First the other rock fans you knew, then a mainstream audience, and now pretty much the entire planet. But there's also a special enigma about the band, and despite a CV of number 1 albums and festival headline appearances, you still manage come across the odd pocket of humanity who are completely oblivious to them - or worse, Twilight fans. There's also the small issue of the band's subject matter, and how fans have managed to get their heads around the end of the world, space, time, conspiracies, thermodynamics, aliens, governments, secret societies, and whatever else happens to be rattling around Matt Bellamy's head when he gets in to the studio. They're a unique band, but they've got an even more unique fanbase, and these are some of the trial and tribulations they put them through.
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