15 Things Only Motley Crue Fans Will Understand

"We know how the story goes."

Mötley Crüe have made the headlines more than most bands. Their tour tales of debauchery and controversy are lapped up by music journalists the world over. However, their love for all things provocative has masked the fact that they are actually one of the most fun and exciting rock bands of all time, with a back catalogue that rivals those of pretty much anyone else. Fans of the band know just how underrated Nikki, Mick, Vince and Tommy are - it's still unbelievable that they haven't been considered for The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame! The other point that the media's focus on Crüe's naughty side overlooks is the fact that the band has a hugely dedicated following of fans that worship the ground they walk on. The band appreciates this completely, and have put together plenty of special gifts and surprises for their fans. This article is for everyone that follows Crüe unquestioningly. Those that love practically every song they've ever put out, that identify with the demons that haunt each member, that have read The Dirt so many time that the pages are falling out. Forget the headline grabbing events or stunts - Mötley Crüe just plain rock, and so do their fans.


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