15 Things Only Motley Crue Fans Will Understand

15. Their Debauchery Is Matched Only By Ozzy Osbourne

As stated, Crüe's tales of debauchery in hotel rooms, onstage, in the recording studio, on tour buses, on trains and in practically every country in the world are well documented. Only the great Ozzy Osbourne, famed for biting heads off small winged animals and snorting his own urine, matches the band in terms of just how debased many of their activities on tour were. If you haven't already heard all of the many tales of exploits with groupies, copious levels of alcohol and drug abuse, fights with security guys and in-band arguments, then you absolutely haven't been following the band closely enough. Go read The Dirt and educate yourself in the crazy sh*t that the band got up to, especially during their first decade or so. Real fans know all of this stuff already!

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