20 Best Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Albums Of 2016

2. Testament - Brotherhood Of The Snake

Of all the thrash acts on this list, from Death Angel to Anthrax to Lost Society to Metallica, it is Testament that comes out on top this year with what is quite possibly their magnum opus, Brotherhood of the Snake.

Grabbing ahold of the runner-up spot for 2016, Brotherhood... nabs the silver medal thanks to its unhindered fusion of thrash and melody, with songs like "The Pale King", "Born in a Rut" and "Black Jack" taking the heavy and slightly death metal-inspired modern Testament sound and adding in some absolute powerhouse choruses, with Chuck Billy's resonating howls at the centre.

Big props to the duelling guitar-work of Alex Skolnick and Eric Peterson as well, especially on the opening title track, which quite literally lets its parent album roar to life with a momentum that doesn't stop until the 40-minute record is over and done with.


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