20 Best Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Albums Of 2016

1. Gojira - Magma

To put it simply, Gojira's Magma is everything that is great about metal all rolled into one massive package. It's dark, it's emotional, it's honest, it's diverse, it's personal, but it's also got the power to launch you into a flurry of headbanging and moshing.

This is heavy metal for the thinking man and woman; an album that goes far, far beyond just conveying the "sex, drugs and rock n' roll" archetype. But at the same time, it isn't preachy or too overboard in its themes of regret, loss and self-exploration.

While it may not be as heavy as the ground-breaking From Mars to Sirius from 2005, Magma still provides more metal than a tank that's just raided a jewellery store. From the stoner metal stylings of "The Shooting Star" to the melo-death masterpiece "Silvera" to that closing riff on the ever-building "Low Lands", this is the raw definition of everything that fans love about metal.


How can such awesomeness not top the list of 2016's best heavy releases?


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