20 Most IMPORTANT Classic Rock Albums Ever Made

The building blocks of modern rock.


It's almost an oxymoron to say that a classic rock album is worth listening to. I mean, the selling point is right there in the's already a classic. However, there is more to the old days of rock and roll than just Elvis Presley and Little Richard.

For every typical rock and roll album that came out back in the day, there were others that set the benchmark for what rock would sound like going forward.

Sometimes it was a new recording method, sometimes it was a style of music you'd never heard before, and sometimes it was just some of the best music that rock had to offer. Regardless of how it was perceived, these records managed to flip the entire rock world on its head when they were released.

Though all of these albums have songs that still get played on the radio to this day, there's more to the story than just being at the right place at the right time. With these records in their arsenal, each of these artists managed to rule the rock world and shape the sound of the genre going forward.

For anyone who considers themselves a rock aficionado, these are records that need to be heard to be believed.

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