20 Most Underrated Classic Rock Songs Of All Time

Classic Rock's Lost Diamonds.


It's not necessarily a mistake for the word "classic" being in the genre of "classic rock." With artists that have laid the groundwork for the entire rock genre, the timeless nature of being a classic goes far beyond just a timestamp for an older release. Then again, even the greatest songs of the time find themselves lost to history.

For as many great rock artists that came out in decades past, some of their greatest tracks end up being relegated to B-sides or deep cut album tracks. These tracks may not gotten the same attention as the big hits, but they deserve all that same praise and even more.

Whereas the record company always pushes the poppy single to sell to the masses, these tracks are where artists reveal a different side of themselves that you don't see out in the wild. Whether it's telling a story through music or just going for abstract emotional connections, these songs leave an impression on anyone who comes across them.

Though we may have blasted the classics from these bands countless times over the years, let's take a look at the lost relics that never saw the light of day. With no inhibition, these records may even outshine some of these acts' more celebrated material.


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