20 Most Underrated Hard Rock Songs Of All Time

The undercover headbangers.


Hard rock has always been a genre that is very career-driven. Whereas genres like pop and R&B tend to be about the singles, the world of heavy riffs is normally centered around the entire album experience, with the artist using 40-ish minutes to take you on a musical journey. While everyone can pick out their favorites from these records, some of the band's best material ends up falling into obscurity.

So why do we never hear about these songs? Well...there's never a clear answer, but many of the best cuts can come from the stiff competition surrounding it. Sometimes these songs have to been placed next to classics, which leads to them falling by the wayside. At the same time, the track itself may be a bit of a departure for the group, leading to fans being either conflicted or uninterested in the new direction. These tunes may even be outright bangers, but the album that they come from tends to be looked at as a failure for the band.

Regardless, these songs should be celebrated for what musical marvels they really are. They may not have gotten that much love during their time, but let's see just how kind time has been to these tracks.


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