20 Punk Rock Albums Turning 20 In 2020

Is you're favorite album as old as Camera phones, bluetooth and the Scary Movie franchise.


The end of 2019 will close the page on a decade-long period known as the twenty-teens, and with it, a 10 year chapter of your life.

So as we continue to fight and lose the un-winnable battle against the mighty titan that is father time, we may feel inclined to turn to the things in life that comfort us, and why not music and nostalgia?

Nothing makes a person feel younger than being reunited with the songs that fuelled their respective childhoods; moulding their musical tastes into all sorts of bands and artists they love today.

Doing a bit of research on these sentimental offerings may lead to the realization that very soon though, some of your favorite albums will be old enough to drink. In this list we'll look at which of the most influential punk rock albums will be hitting the double decade mark.

So, which of your favorite punk albums are as old as Malcolm in the Middle?


20. Relient K - Relient K

Relient K now has 11 studio albums under their name, and it all started with a self titled masterpiece. The group's debut full length is comprised of a mixture between new songs offerings and re-done versions of demos from an earlier release entitled All Work and No Play. Additionally the band pays homage to the renowned American 80s sitcom "Charles in Charge" with a charged up cover of the show's iconic theme.

Not content to stop with a tribute to a beloved TV show, the album also makes references to a number of other pop culture throwbacks. The opener entitled "Hello McFly" is a reference to everyone's favorite time traveling teen 'Marty McFly' and the thirteenth track entitled "Nancy Drew" is certainly a shout out to the titular character in the detective based book series by the same name.

Their initial offering was an indication of what the future held for the pop punk pioneers. Though the self titled album didn't match the heights of future records like Mmhmm and Forget And Not Slow Down it gets props for kicking off the career of Relient K.

Standout Track: Softer to Me

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