20 Songs Which Surprisingly Never Made It To No.1 In The UK Charts

Britain: A place where the Teletubbies can have a No.1 single but Aerosmith can't.


The following songs are about to become proof that losing out to the top spot on the singles chart isn’t actually the end of the world.

Sure, it’s a massive achievement and most likely a great feeling, knowing that your record is currently the most listened to song in the country. However, there have been numerous pop tracks over the years which have clearly been very popular and successful without going to number one. On rare occasions, they become even more well received than the actual tune which beat them to the top spot.

Some music becomes more and more popular over time, to the point where people forget that their original chart performance wasn’t actually that good. There are other songs which were so successful that they achieved all but a number one on the charts. Moreover, some artists are commercially better at selling albums rather than singles.

These are the tunes which shockingly never quite touched the heights of a number one single in the UK.


20. Morning Train (Nine To Five) - Sheena Easton

Actual Chart Peak: No.3

When asked the question of who had the most successful hit in the UK with their song ‘Nine to Five’, most would probably answer Dolly Parton (and a few might even say Lady Sovereign). But it was actually Sheena Easton who had a huge hit with Nine to Five and was launched into pop stardom after her stint on The Big Time.

Known as ‘Morning Train’ in America, so that it wasn’t confused with Dolly’s version, it reached number one on the US billboard charts. But Sheena couldn’t quite accomplish the same pinnacle in the UK, despite the song’s massive popularity.

However, it was good enough for the singer to become a successful pop star, which is why she appeared on The Big Time in the first place.

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