20 Things Only Marilyn Manson Fans Will Understand

Makeup, Charles Manson, and so much maniacal debauchery.

Since emerging from the Florida rock scene in 1989, the name Marilyn Manson conjures up a lot of imagery; Gothic shock-rocker. Satanic cult member. Scapegoat for fatal violence in schools. Manipulator who brainwashes children. A makeup-wearing freak. That guy who got punched at Denny's... The man born as Brian Warner in Canton, Ohio on January 5th, 1969 has been the subject of rampant rumours, protests from people and groups that believed that his concerts were devil-worshipping affairs, and intense media scrutiny over the content of his lyrics and the musical message he spread. For all of those falsities, here are two quick and impressive facts about Manson: he's made 11 studio albums, the most recent being 2015's The Pale Emperor. Three of those discs are certified platinum. He's a musical and stylistic chameleon, growing his hair out long during the Antichrist Superstar days in 1996, baring fake breasts and letting David Bowie influence his glam look as the '90s ended, and even growing back his eyebrows in the early 2010s. He's as startling with makeup as he is without. Even today, Manson's old reputation as a threat to the innocence of America's youth still precedes him. However, fans know there are many facets of his persona that the public have missed. They've been rabid about the God of F*ck for decades for a multitude of reasons, mostly that he's as entertaining when performing as he is when not on stage.


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