22 Ultimate Break-Up Songs

Taylor Swift's entire back catalogue not included.

Wicked Game1 I feel it's been long enough now, the Valentine's Day effect has settled and passed; love is no longer in the air. Don't get me wrong, songs are predominantly about love or at least sex, and sometimes even sexy love or lovey sex. I mean, I had a crack at giving you lovers out there some ALTERNATIVE LOVE SONGS to spice up your Valentine's and/or love life. A What Culture colleague, of course, offered up a list of ANTI-VALENTINE'S SONGS, and rightly so. However, you had your love songs, and your anti-love songs a week ago now. Well, love doesn't last; whether it be a mutual falling out of, a one-sided departure from the feeling for or by you, affairs of the genitals, or whatever other reason you'd care to name. Hell, there's a strong possibility those beautiful expressions of love last week are already over. I know I did this with the last article, but here's another song from The Wedding Singer that perfectly sums up that love stinks. http://youtu.be/uKNKVzVAqUk What can I say, Adam Sandler knows love. I mean, he doesn't know comedy, playing different characters, or original ideas anymore, if he ever did (think about it, how young were you when you truly enjoyed Adam Sandler films). However, this is not taking into account the amazing Punch Drunk Love. Seriously, go watch it now. Anyhow, I've bored you enough now. Here's the list finally, and as with my 'alternative' love songs list I've tried to mix things up as much as I can. So, please don't hurt me because I've missed something obvious (like Adele or Taylor Swift's entire back catalogues respectively), but do feel free to comment away in the comments section. Now, enjoy this list, or rather wallow in self-pity and/or get angry as hell. Also, this list is considerably longer because, well, broken hearts need more help.
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