5 Awesome Rock Bands You've Wrongly Slept On

Rock's greatest unsung heroes.


Great music always ends up being recognized, even if it's not at the time. While some acts may not have gained much traction in their glory years, great bands from old sometimes enjoy a greater resurgence because of their music becoming nostalgic for a new generation.

However, with all of the accolades bestowed upon quality music acts, there are many bands that fall through the cracks. These bands never fully got the proper respect they deserve for their innovative records and songs.

The only time that some of these bands are brought up is in hindsight, like when music historians put on their rose-colored glasses and say stuff like "the 90's had the best music ever man."

The bands in question certainly don't deserve just that fate. Even if all of these bands' records aren't golden, you've got to respect the groundwork they laid for more popular bands to gain their own footing.

With that in mind, here is a small assortment of bands that have been slept on for a while. Check them out and see what you might have missed on first listen.

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