5 Bands Who Improved After Replacing Their Singer (And 5 Who Didn't)

9. Improved - AC/DC

Bon Scott was great. Let's get that out of the way. AC/DC were wildly successful with Scott. In this case, Bon died from alcoholism, so the band had some sympathy going forward in regards to replacing him. That sympathy was no longer needed after the first listen to Back in Black.

AC/DC formed in Sydney, Australia in 1973. By the next year, they had already gained a strong following. Over the next five years, the band produced six studio albums (which collectively reached platinum status 19 times).

In 1980, the band was working on their seventh album, Back In Black, when tragedy struck. Scott was found unresponsive and died of acute alcohol poisoning. This left some tremendous shoes to be filled.

Bon Scott had spoken highly of singer Brian Johnson after seeing him perform with his band Geordie. The band contacted Johnson, who auditioned twice, to officially make him the new singer for AC/DC.

Back in Black was released in July 1980. It became AC/DC's biggest selling album, and touted some of their most iconic songs (You Shook Me All Night Long, Shoot To Thrill, Back In Black).

With all respect to Bon, it has been with Brian Johnson that AC/DC has rocked at their highest voltage.


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