5 Best Metal Albums Of May 2018

From stunning debutants to returning veterans, May’s metal had it all!


The modern metal scene is doubtlessly a saturated one, packed to the brim with new material to bombard its followers on a continuous basis. There’s so much fantastic heavy music out there to be discovered, but with all of it constantly battling for a mere moment of your undivided attention, it can be hard to know where exactly to point your hungry, hungry ears. Who, out of this titanic surge of aural extremity, is truly deserving of your precious time?

To assist your weary navigation of the infinite sea that is heavy metal in the internet age, we at WhatCulture are commencing a new series: “Top 5 Metal Albums of the Month”.

It does exactly what it says on the tin, with the noble aspiration of – every four weeks without fail – blessing as many people as possible with the dulcet tones of manic new heaviness. From underground darlings to arena-filling titans, no stone shall ever be left unturned!

May has mercifully let this new recurring feature kick-start in the best possible way, as it heralded must-listen successes from hungry youngsters and cagey veterans alike, all from a mammoth plethora of subgenres.

Let’s not waste time, and proceed to eagerly dive in head-first.

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