5 Best Metal Albums Of May 2018

4. Parkway Drive – Reverence

When you’re the riotous Australians Parkway Drive, making a follow-up to the career-defining, anthem-dispensing and continually acclaimed powerhouse Ire cannot be an easy task. Especially when your ever-growing fan-base that amassed as a result of that record have had three long, long years of perennially increasing anticipation.

However – as you can probably tell by the fact that they make it onto this list – the five-piece were able to pull off the impossible on their sixth full-length output. Easily, the crowning achievement of Reverence is the multitude of intriguing tints and flavours that is able to add to Parkway Drive’s skull-crushing metalcore stylings.

Reverence unabashedly wears its adventurousness as a badge of honour, opening with the slow acoustic build and subsequent harmonic mastery of “Wishing Wells” before segueing into “Prey”’s surprising folk/power metal-like overtones.

But, through it all, Parkway Drive are still very much Parkway Drive. This is still a metalcore album without a shadow of a doubt, packing enough breakdowns, twisted yells and enormously captivating arrangements to make any rock-loving audience implode within the blink of an eye.

As metalcore’s stock finds itself raising once again, Reverence could very well be heralded as a game-changer within the years to come.

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