5 Great Bands With Only One Studio Album

The ultimate mic drop in an album.


Artists tend to pride themselves on the albums they make. While touring is a big commitment, the recording studio is where you can really get down to business and create something that leaves a lasting legacy. If they're lucky, artists can expect to have a vast studio album catalog that will be there long after they've stopped performing.

With these acts, it's a little bit different. The bands compiled here today are examples of bands that only have one album to their name. Through band implosions, tragedy, or just other commitments, each of these artists never had the chance to make another proper in-studio statement beyond their initial offering.

Does that make it bad? Not at all. In fact, the albums on this list have typically garnered positive success. Some of these acts have seen more success than others, but that's just the nature of being at the right place at the right time.

It's always in retrospect that we see what could have potentially been great if the band had stuck it out. Because of life's setbacks, it's fantastic that we had these acts while they were around.

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