5 Great South African Metal Bands You Need To Hear

This is a Die Antwoord free zone.

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Some countries have a phenomenal legacy in the world of metal. Countries like Germany, Sweden and Norway (to name but a few) have contributed dozens of pioneering names to metal music over the years. However, South Africa is not one of these countries.

In fact, the majority of South Africa’s musical history lays far beyond the confines of heavy metal, with their biggest selling artists including DJ Kabza De Small, Die Antwoord, Seether and the vuvuzela. Even most songs about South Africa aren’t sung by South African singers (‘Gimme Hope Jo’anna’ by Eddy Grant for example).

But, this lack of mainstream exposure for heavy metal in South Africa does not mean it isn’t there. To the contrary, South African heavy metal is a bustling underground scene, populated by a magnitude of exciting, powerful and brutal acts. The variety of sub-genres infiltrated by these exciting acts is also a marvel to behold, with this article alone covering everything from extreme metal to prog.

In an attempt to bring the South African metal scene out from the cold, this article will name five of the African nations very best rising stars.

5. Treehouse Burning

With one of the most distinct and explosive metal approaches in the entire South African metal scene, Treehouse Burning could be destined for big things. For fans of Converge and Alpha Wolf, Treehouse Burning have already made a great name for themselves thanks to releasing a number of great tunes since their emergence in 2017.

Over the past four years, they have managed to accumulate quite a formidable following for an underground, unsigned metal band. Instead of commiting to full length studio albums, Treehouse Burning have been gradually releasing one ferocious single after another, almost like clockwork. The latest of which, ‘Suffocate’, was released just a few days ago and already generating quite a buzz on streaming services.

Treehouse Burning are a prime example of what the dangerously underrated South African metal scene can offer. In turn, songs like ‘Floating Donuts’ and ‘Endless’ bring to light exactly what the band can offer to the scene in return.

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