5 Great South African Metal Bands You Need To Hear

4. Adorned In Ash

Hailing from Pretoria, Adorned in Ash are one of the most raw sounding and volatile metal acts South Africa has to offer. This female fronted extreme metal outfit thrive off their unpolished, rough around the edges song structures to highlight their almost unparalleled rage.

Short, compact and punchy metal is the name of the game for Adorned in Ash, with both their studio albums transparently reflecting this. Their debut album, ‘The Dead Walk Among Us’, was released in 2014 but struggled to attract a notable audience. This caused the band to fall back and regroup for a few years, before they returned more impactful than ever in 2019 with ‘Apocalyptic Violence’.

Fans of Bathory or Venom should definitely give Adorned in Ash a chance to shine, with special attention being paid to songs such as ‘Death Is My Embrace’, ‘Human Torch’ and ‘Inner Sanctum’.

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