5 Greatest Bounceback Albums

4. AC/DC - Back In Black

AC/DC had been riding the crest of a wave throughout the 1970's. Their unique brand of hard rock was incredibly visceral when compared to their blues rock peers. At the tail end of 1979, it seemed that the band were finally going to become massive thanks to the roaring success behind their album Highway to Hell. Then after a night of drinking, everything changed.

In February 1980, singer Bon Scott was found in a car dead of alcohol poisoning. This left the band and their fans absolutely gutted. Not only was Bon's voice the force behind the band, but he wrote a majority of the band's lyrics and melodies.

After the funeral, guitarists Angus and Malcolm Young knew that Bon would not have wanted the band to die with him. In the months following, the band hired singer Brian Johnson and continued work on their follow-up to Highway to Hell. Their next record, Back in Black, was written as a tribute to their fallen comrade while still featuring that trademark raw intensity that is unmistakably AC/DC. The album has gone on to become one of the greatest selling albums in music history and a must-listen for anyone even slightly into rock.


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