5 Greatest Hard Rock Album Opening Tracks

Kicking the door down.


When crafting an album, the running order is one of the most important parts of the process. After recording your A-material, you've got to sequence each track in a way that gives the record its own cohesiveness. This provides a nice flow to the album experience and never makes the listener feel bored.

Of all these spots, the album opener is the trickiest choice to decide on. This track has to quickly captivate the listener's attention while also setting the tone for the rest of the music that's to follow. With your typical pop formula, it gets all the more difficult to find songs that stick out amidst all the bangers you've already assembled.

However, the hard rock genre has had a track record of making absolutely stellar opening tracks that do their job while also holding up as great songs in their own right. If listened to on their own, these tracks go from merely setting up a scene for an album to taking the listener on a journey within just a few minutes. Here are examples of the tunes that blow the doors off their hinges.

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