5 Greatest Hard Rock Album Opening Tracks

5. Battery-Metallica

By the time Metallica had reached 1986, they were primarily known for their unique brand of punk and metal that became known as thrash. Across the band's catalog, many opening tracks stand out such as "Fight Fire With Fire" off of Ride the Lightning , which starts off with classical guitars before exploding into the heaviness, or Kill Em All starting with a live barrage of noise before launching into "Hit the Lights."

However, "Battery" opens Master of Puppets by slowly setting up a musical texture. The song begins with a simple acoustic guitar melody, which is then accompanied by another harmony guitar. As more guitar harmonies pile on top of each other, the volume subtly increases before the distortion is cranked and every guitar harmony is playing at 10. Once the build becomes too much to bear, the track takes you down the mountain with James Hetfield's lightning-fast guitar riff that becomes the basis for the song.

While the song itself is fantastic, the intro of the track gets the listener accustomed to the thrash metal hysteria that is to come. A phenomenal starting gun for one of metal's greatest releases.

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