5 Musical Chameleons

The rare species of ever-evolving musicians.


For any famous musician, you're lucky if you are able to find your own sound. Whether it's your own specific guitar tone, the sound of your voice, or the way you write songs, so many musicians dream of having that X-factor that is undeniably them. But what's the fun in staying in just one lane?

Many musicians would kill for one distinct sound, but the artistic side of the brain refuses to be confined. Once you get tired of one style, you'll want to start exploring and see what other styles suit your musical palette. With this comes sound changes, image changes, and even changes to the way you make records. These such musicians normally go through periods of different genres ranging from rock to pop to soul and everything in between.

The musicians listed here today are prime examples of following their own muse and shedding their artistic skin whenever they see fit. While not everyone in the hallowed halls of music are covered here, these are the first examples of people who continued to change their sound with each subsequent release.

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