5 Returning Bands That Failed (And 5 That Nailed Their Comeback)

10. Failed: Fall Out Boy

Formed out the dissolution of several hardcore bands including Arma Angelus and Racetraitor, FOB found early success from a winning combination of catchy lyrics and excellent musicianship. Fans and critics to this day still argue which is the better album between breakthrough hit From Under the Cork Tree and its follow-up Infinity on High.

By the time Folie à Deux came around, problems within the band started to show and break the core apart, including substance abuse, relationship issues, creative differences, and a mixed reception to the album.

Following their split in 2009, FOB regrouped in 2013 and soon released Save Rock and Roll. A big departure from their pop punk sound but enjoyable nonetheless.

American Beauty/American Psycho though is an over-produced mess that sounds like Andy and Joe went on holiday for the entire recording session. It lacks any individualism and sounds like any other generic pop band. And with this year's Mania album, it's only getting worse, "Young and Menace" sounds like Alvin and the Chipmunks going through the washing machine and I think the lads' instruments are purely for decoration.

No amount of Ellen DeGeneres puns make this reunion ok.


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