5 Tearjerker Songs

Keep the tissues handy!!


Music is one of the greatest ways to have an emotional dialogue. We feel thousands of strong emotions on a daily basis, but something strange happens when you define that feeling through melody. While mediums like cinema or literature can leave you with a strong impression, music tends to move something in your gut that works its way into your heart.

Across any genre of music, the listener is able to attach themselves to a certain emotion and find a bit of themselves hidden inside that recording. It could be something as simple as a lyric or an entire musical section that turns a song into something much greater that simply notes on a page.

Across all of these songs, these artists were able to reach deep down into their personal psyche and give their audience an emotionally earnest composition. With subjects running the gamut from heartache to empowerment, these tracks possess that quality that will leave any listener feeling completely overwhelmed after listening to it.

5. Broken Piano - Frank Turner

Across the album Tape Deck Heart, Frank Turner had been taking a long look at himself. The lyrics on these tracks deal with the screwups Turner has made and his determination to not let those missteps define him. By the time we get to the end of the record, Turner is a new man ready to win back his love.

However, as we come to "Broken Piano," the music takes a dark turn as Turner paints a picture of him sitting beneath his lover's window, attempting to reconcile. As he finds a decrepit piano, he begins to play to show his affectionate, only to be met with stern silence all the same.

Turner beautifully ties together his distraught as he details the piano and the fact that any musician would only be able to play minor key melodies. As it is, Turner turns the piano from an offering of reconciliation to a way of exorcising his romantic demons. While Frank still has the determination to move on, he is more than willing to acknowledge the intense sadness that comes with writing these thoughtful tunes.

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