6 Best Pop-Punk Bands

6. Simple Plan

Simple Plan

This band is on this list mostly thanks to one song: "Perfect." The song holds a special place for me not just because it's a great tune, but because the timing of its release was uncanny. When the video was blasting MTV2's airwaves daily, I was 25 and had just moved back home from Baltimore. The life I attempted down there more or less failed, and my Dad had to come pick me up. At the same time, this song was a confession to the singer's father. It begins: "Hey Dad, look at me/Think back and talk to me/Did I grow up according to plan?" It goes on to tell a heartbreaking story of fathers not understanding their sons and vice-versa. This song was the soundtrack of that year for me. Of course, if they only had one good song, this Canadian fivesome wouldn't be on this list. Their first two albums, to borrow the title of the debut album from Sum 41 (another pop-punk band, but one that didn't make this list), were "all killer, no filler," particularly their sophomore effort "Still Not Getting Any...," which was one of my favorite albums of the 2000s. In fact, I felt it was stronger than their debut, "No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls." Their sound matured on their second album but still kept that bratty, young attitude that punk loves to throw around, especially on the opening track "Shut Up." My favorites are "Perfect World," "Me Against the World," and "Crazy," only the latter of which was a minor hit on the radio. They kinda lost their way after the second album, which is why they're last on this list.

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