6 Kanye West Albums That Got Delayed (And Why)

Frank Ocean eat your heart out.


The new Kanye West album, Jesus is King was supposed to come out on the 27th of September. It did not.

An album delay is not a new feeling for most Kanye fans. The somewhat eccentric rapper has a habit for attempting to achieve his status of perfection with every album, seconds before it's supposed to be released.

Kanye has amassed a level and depth of delayed projects, that puts those like Frank Ocean to shame. These perfectionist habits, however, have been backed up by the body of work that he has created. Because of this, Kanye has more leeway and freedom than any other artist, to pick and choose whether to release his music or not.

The only album's to have not been delayed are 808s and Heartbreak, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Yeezus and Ye. Even then, his most recent album Ye was still getting remastered and mixed after the release date listening party.

A new release date for Jesus is King is slated for 25th of October, but there's evidence to suggest that Ye has previous and you maybe shouldn't pin too much on the idea of him delivering it on time then either...

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