6 Kanye West Albums That Got Delayed (And Why)

5. Late Registration: 49 Days

Kanye's Late Registration came out fairly soon after the debut. The long delay of The College Dropout, Incentivised Kanye to jump straight back into the studio. However, his efforts in the popularisation of soulful samples caused an over-saturation of the sampling style.

He spent time trying to find a different sound for his follow up to his debut. The orchestral theme that Kanye went for on Late Registration made for a grandiose album of lavish and sophisticated melodies mixed with hard-hitting hip hop drums.

The album initially slated for a 12th of July 2005 release. The 1-hour 14-minute juggernaut of a project then got moved back to the 16th of August. Then it was pushed back again to the eventual final release date of the 30th of August because Kanye had to wait to rent a harpsichord, which is used on Celebration.

The album got delayed for 49 days, which isn't too bad in all honesty. Kanye fans have suffered far more, which is shown in more detail as we go forth. Still, the album set a precedent that followed the excessive delay of The College Dropout. That precedent being, do not expect a Kanye album to be on time.

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