7 Best Experimental Albums Of 2013

Nepenthe 2013 was an amazing year in modern music which saw some really great albums released across all genres. The experimental genre has been no exception, thankfully, as we had another year blessed with music that pushes boundaries and takes us to many different, creative places. Experimental music has changed over the years but technological advances with more affordable ways to grab synthesizers have allowed musicians to truly broaden the scope of how music is defined. These artists are able to explore like never before, using their imaginations to dive into the cosmos and relay those thoughts to us in a new form. What makes experimental music so great in this day and age is the air of mystery that surrounds it, especially compared to an era of instant information and social media oversharing. Many of the albums mentioned are instrumental, simply using audio as a sole form of communication. In a way, it can boil music down to it's purest form: sound as a method of speaking. It is universal, something that can be played to anyone across the globe without the need for translation. So kick back, turn the lights low, close your eyes, and listen to the 7 best experimental albums of 2013...
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