7 Most Essential Turquoise Jeep Tracks

2. Why I Gotta Wait? - Flynt Flossy ft. Yung Humma

If this list has been dominated by the names Flynt Flossy and Yung Humma, then know that it's with good reason - Humma is perhaps the most recognizable face of the group and Flossy is no doubt a major driving force behind their success.
As such, it follows that a high-profile collaboration between the pair a year after Lemme Smang It launched the Jeep to internet notoriety would be a worthy follow-up to that track, and an example of the absolute best that the group has to offer in general. Why I Gotta Wait? succinctly announces its topic of male frustration over the intro then launches into some of the group's beat technician Tummiscratch's absolute best work. However, it's the last verse where Flossy and Humma take it into high-gear, trading bars in a constantly escalating exchange accompanied in the music video with an excellent synchronized dance routine. Choice Rhyme: "Try to be nice, though I know she's a go/So I show her some respect, now she wanna take it slow/She holdin' on my hand, callin' me a sweet fellow/Tryin' to get the green light, but I keep getting yellow".
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