7 Most Essential Turquoise Jeep Tracks

1. Ooh Ahh Sound

No doubt the largest scale project that the group has put out thus far, Ooh Ahh Sound is a short film that features almost every artist associated with Turquoise Jeep Records.
The film's plot focusses on Flynt Flossy as he deals with the strain put upon his relationship by the many commitments that come with being a rapper, and is a worthy expansion of the Turquoise Jeep style and aesthetic for every second of its near twelve minute run-time. Ooh Ahh Sound evokes Prince's Purple Rain in many ways, not least Flossy's choice of a two-wheeled vehicle to use to go across town to win back his lady love. For long time fans of the Jeep, the density of Jeep members making appearances and references to the group's prior output make Ooh Ahh Sound a real treat - and the songs included are all top notch. Now that Existing Musical Beings is on store shelves and streaming services worldwide, could a sequel be the next move? Fans worldwide wait with bated breath.

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