8 Famous Musicians Who Mysteriously Disappeared And Were Never Seen Again

1. Forrest Schab (DY)

Forrest Schab, better known by his stage name DY, is a rapper out of Vancouver, British Columbia. DY began making music at the age of fourteen and is perhaps best known for his 2009 hit single, Passenger, featuring Danny Fernandez. Prior to his disappearance, Schab was rising a star in the Canadian hip-hop scene.

DY spoke to his parents in August of 2010 and vanished soon afterward. He was supposedly planning a trip to Mexico, but it's unclear if he ever made it. The rapper was officially reported missing in November of 2010, and his whereabouts are still unknown.

There have been theories that suggest he may have had ties to organized crime and upset some dangerous people or possibly fell in with the wrong crowd once he made it to Mexico. However, both these suggestions appear to be little more than wild speculation.

In truth, no one seems to have any idea what actually happened to the young rapper, making his disappearance one of modern music's most compelling mysteries.

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