8 Massive Song Cliches Everyone Is Tired Of Hearing

Surprisingly, this music article doesn't feature a rapper...

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Cliches are something of an inevitability. In any form of mainstream art, things get popular, trends and patterns emerge and are recognized and then these trends and patterns are capitalized on for profit. In essence, sometimes things just “work”, but it doesn't take long for problems to emerge.

The main problem with cliches is that they're predictable. For a while they're fresh and interesting, perhaps even valuable as they're part of the evolution of song-writing. But if they stick around for too long they soon become tired and loathsome. This happens frequently in popular music because the industry isn't always quick to act, and so things get dragged out much longer than they should.

At any one time music has a bunch of boring, played out cliches, and now is no different. From artists who feel the need to self-identify at the beginning of every song to diss tracks that are about as edgy as a sanded down circle, here are eight massive song cliches everyone is tired of hearing.

8. Dropping The Artist Or Feature's Name At The Beginning Of The Song

Katy Perry
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Despite this existing before Jason Derulo, Derulo is absolutely the person that the vast majority of people think about when it comes to this cliché. Derulo drops his name so frequently at the beginning of his songs (or songs on which he features) that there's actually an entire Spotify playlist dedicated to the phenomenon – seriously!

One of the most baffling things about this cliché is why it even exists. Surely if you're listening to the song you know who the artist is? Heck, even if you hear it on the radio, there's a reason why radio presenters exist…you hear that, DJ Khaled?

At the end of the day the whole thing is just obnoxious and irritating. All right, we get it – you love yourself so much that rather than let the beginning of the song play out instrumentally for a few seconds that you'd rather serve listeners up a heavily auto-tuned version of your name. Now can you please stop?

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