8 Albums That Prove 2014 Is The Comeback Year For Punk Rock

8. The Lawrence Arms - "Metropole"

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRDtqR0sYaI Beginning with the only album that has already been released at the time this list has been published, "Metropole" is the first Lawrence Arms album since 2006's "Oh! Calcutta!," a near eight year gap. Though the trio had released an EP in 2009, they had remained quite silent over the years, the members instead working on side-projects (Sundowner; Brendan Kelly and the Wandering Birds), while touring infrequently, still maintaining a high internet presence through blogs and social networking (singer/bassist Brendan Kelly's blog Bad Sandwich Chronicles even being names top local blog in Chicago by the Chicago Reader). Released on January 28th through Epitaph Records (their debut for the label, whereas they have previously been on Fat Wreck Chords, and Asian Man Records before that), "Metropole" brings back the detailed lyrics, memorable melodies, and back-and-forth lead vocals between guitarist Chris McCaughan and bassist Brendan Kelly that the band has been known for. Though their voices have been heard on other projects throughout the years since "Oh! Calcutta!," it's a sort of relief mixed with shots of nostalgia hearing them singing together on new songs once again. The album is full of songs that are easily sing-alongable, from the slow and powerful "Sixteener" to the fast and angry "Drunk Tweets." Through months of suspenseful promotion, this long-awaiting sixth album from the Chicago punk legends does not disappoint.
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