9 Biggest Urban Legends About Classic Rock Songs

Just how many Foo Fighters songs are actually about Kurt Cobain?

There was a time (before the internet... and social media... and articles exactly like this one) when rock and roll had its own mythology. Rock stars were legends and, as legends, there was nothing they could do that didn't come with some sort of grandiose backstory. Fans want to believe that their favorite songs have not just a deep meaning, but the deepest meaning. It's not enough to relate to a song on their own terms, or to understand that not all songs have a concrete meaning.

No, dammit, the words had to have risen from a personal tragedy or include controversial metaphors. this is where we get the treasure trove of urban legends surrounding iconic songs that just never seem to die. Ever. And it can be a real bummer to find out that the song you'd previously thought depicted something truly dramatic is actually pretty routine, lyrically speaking. So allow us to provide you with a whole list of debunking bummers.


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