9 Hidden Details In Beatles Tracks You Never Noticed

8. George Harrison's Wrong Countdown - Taxman

As far as songs that are intended to p*ss off the inland revenue go, Taxman craps all over anything in Gary Barlow’s back catalogue. With its shuffling bass line and keen, if somewhat greedy, social commentary, it feels and sounds like the blueprint from which Paul Weller would draw so much success with The Jam a decade later.

The track starts, however, with George Harrison counting ponderously into a microphone, before the sing itself comes bounding in almost out of nowhere. The first couple of times you hear it it actually sounds plain odd - almost counterintuitive even. It's hardly distracting, but it catches you off guard nonetheless.

Well, upon closer listening, it’s actually possible to figure out how the band managed to pull this little trick off without stumbling their way into the intro. George’s vocal is by far the most noticeable, but underneath, just in earshot, you can hear Paul McCartney shout the actual count-in at the correct tempo for his bandmates to follow. Tidy stuff.

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