9 Lesser Known Bands That Are Looking To Blow Up In 2020

The hidden gems and rising stars set for a big year...

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2019 was a great year for music but it’s time to look ahead to the albums and bands that are going to be melting our faces, tickling our spinal cords, and generally making us move our feet at the beginning of the new decade.

Music fans ought to aspire to make as many new discoveries as possible. Go to more music festivals than last year, stick your head so far into the deepest depths of the worldwide music hole that you end up with a long list of bands and artists you have to share with people. Because that's where you find the cutting edges and the bands who we should all expect massive things from.

Obviously, this is opinion based and we’d love to hear your opinion on the bands listed and any other hot tips you might have for 2020 but these are the bands who demand the highest expectations. This is pure, delicious, and raw music at its finest folks.

Read on if you want to get a feel for the flavour of what the music of tomorrow tastes like today. Release your inner hipster and boldly claim that you were listening to them well before they got famous. Arm your new year playlists with some supersonic sounds and incredible riffs.

Read on musical adventurers, read on.

9. Dusk Brothers

It shouldn’t be possible for a 2-piece to make such a raucous and rowdy sound but apparently this Bristol-based duo has some sort of arrangement with the devil to do so. Whether they sold their souls or not they pour everything they have into making music that rips open your ribcage and then with grimey swamp sludge covered fingers reaches deep into that bloody mess to grab hold of your heart and give it a good ol’ squeeze.

Blues as a genre is meant to leave you feeling emotionally broken and bruised and the Dusk Brothers put your soul through a bar brawl. They bear it all on tracks like “This Is Hell” and “Rum River”, displaying a songwriting skill and vulnerability that is as honest and pure as the juggernaut sized riffs that back it up. Beating you around the head with their truly gigantic sound and then whilst you’re still punch drunk introducing the jingle and jangle of their homemade percussion to get you dizzily goose-stepping along with the beat.

Actual brothers the pairs blood bond is obvious, they are cowboy-hatted shamans capable of eliciting a fierce and frenzied reaction in their listeners and are just as capable if not more so of replicating that magic live. Having just released their first EP ‘Storms, Rum, Liars, And Guns’, being featured on a BBC documentary “Cigar Box Blues - Makers Of A Revolution” about creating all their own instruments, and securing themselves a coveted slot at Glastonbury Festival 2020, it’s easy for me to make the promise that this band is going global this year.


Matt Miles is a poet, journalist, and world wandering wordsmith. He is an editor at Yack Magazine and the frontman and lyricist for Dead Horse Bay.