9 Living Musicians Who Literally Came Back After Death

Who needs a pulse to rock and roll? Not these f*ckers.

We've all heard the unfortunate side effects of living the rock n' roll lifestyle. For evidence of just how brutal the combination of too much money, fame, and access to drugs can be, we need look no further than the fateful 27 Club, which has claimed far too many young rockstars. Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Amy Winehouse...all of them took the long walk to the other side. And then there are some examples of musicians pushing the envelope in extreme ways that leave you wondering how they didn't die. Some rockstars are just luckier than others and have somehow managed to escape the icy grip of death--a few on multiple occasions. Nikki Sixx and Keith Richards are the poster boys for rockstars who, despite all logic and historical precedent, have astonishingly managed to not be dead yet. Because apparently some rockstars stipulated a clause in their contracts that says they are to remain immortal until they're good and goddamned ready to stop playing music.

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