9 Living Musicians Who Literally Came Back After Death

9. Slash, Guns N Roses

Any concerns that the original guitarist for GNR was a mere man were laid to rest a long, long time ago. Slash is constantly battling Dave Grohl for the title of "coolest middle-aged man in rock n roll," and the one thing going in his favor is his ability to resurrect himself from the grave. Over the last decade or so, Slash has really opened up about his past life decisions, telling in great detail the stories everyone was chomping at the bit to hear in the early 90s. When he was first forming supergroup Velvet Revolver, Slash talked to The Guardian about how it feels to have literally died. And it doesn't exactly sound like a life-changing experience:
"When you overdose, there's a certain kind of scene where everybody is just moving really quickly and there's noise from radios and everything; I've experienced it a bunch of times. They took me to the hospital but I said, 'I'm fine', signed myself out, went back to the hotel and we flew to the next gig."
Slash deals with dying the way most people deal with running out of milk. Though, to be fair, a strict ban on hard drugs was supposedly in place backstage for all Velvet Revolver shows.

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