9 One-Hit Wonders We're Glad Never Had A Second Hit

Can you imagine if we let these artists become famous? We'll go wherever they won't...

The Calling/RCA Records

We all have our favourite one-hit wonder, whether it's a guilty pleasure, or a hidden gem that you've delved deep into their discography.

Sometimes, those one-hit wonders deserved more success, but for whatever reason, they failed to recapture anything like the attention of their big hit. We mourn their loss daily.

But what about the less fondly remembered? There are definitely also some artists that we should all be glad are gone...

9. Paris Hilton – Stars Are Blind

Did you know the producer for Green Day and The Black Parade once started writing an album with Paris Hilton? Mercifully, Rob Cavallo left the product early, perhaps as he realised he didn’t want his name on this hit single.

Not only does Stars Are Blind feel like a rip-off of a UB40 hit – a band nobody should be ripping off – but you can almost hear the sound of Paris Hilton buying her way into the charts in this 2006 hit.

This song has a hate to love factor to it, which makes sense with Hilton’s large fortune. It’s spot on summer groove is infectious, but can you imagine a future where singers bankroll themselves to the top of the charts? Be glad we didn’t get that with Paris Hilton.

Her second album is still in the works.


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