9 Scariest Songs You've Never Heard

These songs are more unsettling than most horror films...

When it comes to horror, it often seems like cinema has got the genre covered. The vast majority of people associate the word horror with the likes of Freddy Krueger, Paranormal Activity and classic movie monsters like Dracula.

What's less appreciated is the role that music plays in evoking genuine discomfort. Yet there's a huge amount of music out there that's much more unsettling than the latest jump scare laden horror flick. Because music is unable to utilize such cheap tricks, it has to evoke fear the difficult way: through atmosphere, description and sound.

If you're looking for a real fright, then, music has more than got you covered, and will stay with you for so much longer. From tunes that sound upbeat and joyful but have an underlying sinisterness to songs with lyrics that paint a sense of ever-looming dread, here are the nine scariest songs you've never heard (and probably won't forget tonight when you're trying to sleep)...

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