9 Times Marilyn Manson Was The Greatest Rockstar In Any Circle Of Hell

8. Lust - Pistol Whipped

Album: Born Villain (2012)

Killer Lyrics: “When I undo my belt / You melt, and you walk away / “With a red, red, red welt / (Or so they say)” … “I wanna have your ache / And beat you too”

Written and composed solely by Manson, Pistol Whipped is an exploration of sadism and masochism taken to a violent conclusion. The track’s violence and sexual overtones clash to create a sleazy but seductive exploration of fetishist lust.

It opens with a cranking noise, like a medieval torture rack bereft of screams. Manson remedies this by panting along to the song’s pounding, grinding bass and percussion. The track moves into a rich burst of instrumental progression as Manson’s breathy vocals devour the microphone.

The concept of lust portrayed through the lyrics is an alternative take on the supposedly sinful act. With references to a “bloody nose”, “busted lip”, and “blackened eye”, Manson serves up a more hellish struggle with lust expressed through mutual abuse and consensual pain.


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