All US Number 1s From 2021 Ranked Worst To Best

17. Way 2 Sexy - Drake

No bias against Drake, just these two awful songs.

Right Said Fred's I'm Too Sexy is a stone-cold classic, a staple of any '90s playlist you might put on at your house party. But it's not a song people will seek out at will, to just kick back and enjoy. Unless you check out Drake's Way 2 Sexy - you will immediately feel the urge to stop this song and look up the hit that inspired it, as it is just so much better.

In the entry for What's Next, it was implied that Drake is barely trying anymore, because he knows he doesn't have to. Way 2 Sexy, which came a few months after, tells a different story, though: in it, Drake actually pulls out all the stops to ensure the longevity of the song, by accompanying it with a music video that features meme-worthy moments (such as Drake in a fat suit strolling down the beach), throwbacks to the likes of Michael Jackson and the Backstreet Boys, and the requisite appearances of Future and Young Thug. Drake really did try everything, except making good music.

It still worked, though. Not only did Way 2 Sexy debut in the number one spot, it led a chart in which nine out of the top ten songs were all by Drake, something that had never happened in the US (though Ed Sheeran managed a similar feat years earlier in the UK). And yet, the most talked about thing of Drake's new era was that album cover with all the pregnant emojis.


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