The Beatles: Ranking Their Albums Worst To Best

Abbey Road The Beatles broke the mold when it came to songwriting, fashion, hairstyles and making music into an art form, and their influence defined the 1960s music scene across the world. They have gone down in history as the first band to create hysteria globally and were even given a term to describe the fan frenzy by the media who called it "Beatlemania". Their style of music started with a rock pop sound and then progressed into a more eclectic sound, by taking influences from Indian music, classical and psychedelic. To have a full understanding of the artistry the Beatles music has you have to go back to their humble beginnings where the greatest songwriting team in modern music first met. In 1957 Paul McCartney attended a Liverpool fete where he first saw a sixteen year old John Lennon sing. Paul was blown away at the vocal ability and rebel attitude. After the performance at the fete McCartney went out of his way to meet John Lennon, and later that day John asked Paul to join his band on bass. George Harrison who was a friend of Paul's soon joined after as a guitarist. It wasn't until the boys got their first recording session that they asked a well-known drummer around Liverpool named Ringo Starr to join on drums- due to a riff between the boys and their former drummer Pete Best parted ways. For the Beatles it wasn't easy in the early days, they began playing up to twelve shows a day in Hamburg Germany, until they had a big enough following and began selling out six shows a day at the Cavern Club in Liverpool. Word soon spread about the talented foursome and they were managed by a local record store owner named Brian Epstein. He gave them their clean cut image of tailored suits, and encouraged them to grow their hair into the iconic mop top. Next they were signed and began recording with producer George Martin at Abbey Road Studios, who over the bands career was an important and influential figure in the bands ever-changing sound. By 1964 they had made it globally creating a hysteria never seen before among all ages. In 1970 the unexpected happened and the band split up, due to tension in the band among John and Paul and the boys all wanting to peruse solo careers. During the period of 1962 €“ 1970 The Beatles release 12 studio albums, 13 EP's and 22 singles. Since that time no other band has created the hysteria or had the success in the charts with their music like them. The Beatles revolutionized music and no one has come close to having the impact that they did on music, fashion and society. Every decade a music group and solo artists will have their fame and success compared to the Beatles, but in reality Beatlemania has just become a definitions of huge success, but not in the literal sense that the word came from.
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