Eminem: 10 Most Overrated Songs

An abysmal ten from the legendary Eminem.

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In his outrageous, bedazzling and exceedingly controversial career, Eminem has penned well over 250 tracks and has a plethora of feature credits to his name. So, understandably, a catalogue containing that much music entails that not everything in his glittery repertoire is exactly going to be gold.

When at his best, Eminem is an unstoppable force of lyrical magnificence, as much as he is a provocateur for maliciousness, and just like everybody in the 313, a lot of us have followed him for quite some time.

Despite this, even the most faithful of Slim supporters have to admit that sometimes, the former phenom had definitely led them down an arduous culdesac.

Whether it's the road to recovery, a relapse that made us want to kamikaze ourselves, or a revival that should've remained incapacitated, to put it lightly, these songs have either retrospectively lost their charm or veraciously failed to amuse, intrigue or immerse as much as initially anticipated.

"And let's clear this up too. I ain't got no beef with him either. He used to be like a hero to me."

10. Fall

While the lyrical content is fine - even quite sharp at times - the hype surrounding this track was simply unjustified. Which is something that could easily apply to the album it came from too.

After Slim's last few mediocre efforts didn't necessarily bomb commercially but failed to resonate with the average consumer as well as the loyalest of fans, he released the Kamikaze album. An album that was slated to be a return to form for the fallen giant, and this song essentially acted as a proverbial middle finger to those who slated him in reference to the foregone albums.

As mentioned previously, the song itself isn't too bad. It's technically well written. Eminem's flow is typically rhythmic and the subject matter is something that more than elicits the reactionary song. The only reason it has just scraped its way onto this list is because of the ridiculously overzealous reaction the public had to it.

When Eminem starts throwing shout outs to Logic, Hopsin and J. Cole, everybody collectively lost their mind(s) and of course, the internet had a lot of fun speculating whether this could be a precursor to future collaborations between Em and the others in question. It eventually did with Logic, but yet again, that wasn't exactly Eminem before him and his party days had all pretty much parted ways.

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