Eminem: 5 Awesome Songs And 5 That Sucked

3. Stan (The Marshall Mathers LP, 2000)

This song is one that had to be on this list no matter what and really should need no introduction. In fact, majority of people will agree awesome is undermining the impact of the song itself. It's beyond Hip-Hop. But in case you're not fully aware of this song because you've been living under a rock and that rock you've been living under has been living under a rock as well, Stan is about a crazed fan named Stan who confuses his life with Em's music and ultimately in a fit of rage due to the lack of response from his favorite rapper, murders his pregnant girlfriend and drives off a bridge committing suicide. In the final fourth verse Marshall is finally writing back to Stan only to realize the news report he saw on TV of the murder-suicide was the crazed-fan Stan. This song essentially certified Eminem's artistry and talent with critics and his detractors (most of them at least) that his music has more depth to it than the layer of misogyny and homophobia that he was always criticized and attacked for. This is a song he also performed at the Grammy's with Elton John - who's gay in case you're still living under that rock - which led the Grammy audience to a standing ovation. Since its release nearly 14 years ago, the song has left a profound mark in music and is considered a cultural milestone.
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