Eminem: 5 Awesome Songs And 5 That Sucked

4. Rock Bottom (The Slim Shady LP, 1999)

Once again The Slim Shady LP provides another great track in Em's catalog. Rock Bottom was a song that may be the most important song on his debut studio album due to its dark and painful insight into Shady's life up to his Interscope/Aftermath signing. In context of the times when it was released, a white MC giving dialogue on being broke, depressed, drug addiction, and the feeling of hopelessness normally would've been passed over due to Vanilla Ice tainting the credibility of the 'white rapper from the hood,' but the sincerity and authenticity in his rhymes made it hard to ignore. Soon when it became apparent how credible his lyrics were when his life before signing his record deal came to light, the song hits harder and more potently. Immediately from the start, in just a matter of a few rhymes, Eminem makes you feel and understand exactly the stress and desperation he's feeling. Comparing his life to "walking a tight rope with no circus net", popping pills making him a "nervous wreck" and neglecting his daughter's needs, it's hard not to immediately relate for any one of us who have had those moments in life of feeling completely overwhelmed. The more incredible thing, in terms of race, is now the white demographic who grew up in poverty officially had a voice who spoke directly to them.
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