Eminem's 10 Most Intense Celebrity Feuds

The King Of Controversy is not short of doling out punishments to those who don't deserve it, never mind what he does to those who do.

Eminem is the self-titled 'King of Controversy' for good reason. He has offended a large groups of people based on his lyrical content, in fact he has even had to reiterate time and time again that there is a 'parental advisory sticker' on each of his CDs; hitting back at the parents who take issue with his records. Not only has the Detroit rapper offended a portion of the public; he has also had a large amount of misdemeanours with those in the spotlight too. When you have no qualms about poking fun at an incident that paralysed a popular actor and even merge it with the skiing accident that ended the life of Cher's husband as Eminem does in his track 'Who Knew'; you clearly don't care who you might upset. Try not to laugh at the lyrics in question though;
"Skibbedy-be-bop, a-Christopher Reeve, Sonny Bono, skis, horses and hittin' some trees."
He has had problems with the authorities, those previously in political power and has even seen people protest publicly against his lyrics. Though, the musician will usually have a sharp response when it comes to his critics; for instance when protesters gathered outside of the Grammy Awards to show their disapproval towards the rapper's homophobic content, he hit back by performing his hit single 'Stan' with the openly gay Elton John inside the venue. This list required some serious thought because narrowing Eminem's hit list down to a top ten was almost impossible. For instance, it was tough leaving out Michael Jackson who he has mocked continuously. The rapper went as far as to dangle a doll from a hotel balcony whilst on tour in Scotland; parodying the moment the King of Pop did something similar with his human son. The techno musician Moby was also carefully considered, after all Eminem did threaten him with violence midway through an acceptance speech at the 2002 MTV VMAs. However, neither rivalry quite grabbed interest like the ones featured here.

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