Eurovision 2018: 9 Other Hungarian Bands You Should Hear

Hungary's Eurovision entry warmed the blackest of hearts, but what else do they have to offer?

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May 2018 saw the yearly tirade of overly-camp theatrics, gouda-level cheesy pop and the UK proving they know nothing about music.

Amongst the highlights were a stage invasion during the UK performance by a political activist demanding freedom from the UK media, both Cyprus and Czech Republic achieving their highest ever finishes (second and sixth place respectively), the competition-winning song by Israel features some bizarre chicken clucking acapella and Hungary tried to submit a Lordi Lite.

Metalcore mob AWS won the Hungary Eurovision song selection competition A Dal fending off drum and bass duo yesyes and music competition sweethearts Viktor Király and Gergely Dánielfy. Their song "Viszlát nyár" (Goodbye Summer) electrified those in attendance and on social media, complete with screams, breakdowns and crowd-surfing.

Dark horses Hungary are not everyone's first point of call for any genre of music, with their biggest export coming in the form of former Mayhem vocalist and extreme metal journeyman Attila Csihar. So what is going on down there?

From Twitter-scaring metalcore, to trippy psychedelic rock, to dissonant dream pop, and everything in between, lets delve into Hungary's current music scene that definielty deserve ypur attention.

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